Screen-Free Gift Guide 2023

by | Nov 21, 2023

Check out our past Screen-Free Gift Guides for classic gifts that never go out of style!

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Andrea’s Favorites

Full Focus Kids Planner

We love the concept of the Daily Big Three from Michael Hyatt—helping our kids focus their time and energy. (Super helpful when homework is on a screen!) This planner helps kids learn to plan and work efficiently and our oldest teen still uses it. It provides structure, but has a lot of room for notes and creativity, too!


I’ve kept my devices out of our bedroom for over FIVE YEARS now! So worth it. One of my favorite tools to make this possible is my Loftie alarm clock. It has a gentle alarm, awesome white noise (please try the fire crackling mode while reading in bed—my fav!). I’ve set automatic sound and light routines that cue my mind and body to wind down at night, too. My fav feature? Every night I turn the display completely OFF. No worrying about what time it is in the middle of the night. 🙂 Get 25% off site wide and free shipping until November 27th!

Studio Oh! Medium Deconstructed Journal

Fun journals that lie flat when you write. There are lots of cover options!

Spark Creativity & Imagination


Our latest favorite from Grandpa Beck’s Games! This game is simple and short enough that it can be played by all members of the family even on a busy weeknight. It requires just enough skill and luck to keep you excited to the end! Use BST for 20% OFF ALL GAMES through November 27, 2023!


A fast paced word game that’s lots of fun!

Candle Warmer Lamp

For teen girls who want a candle in their room, but you’d rather skip the flame. 🙂 Our college student has one in her dorm!

Colorforms Dreamy Dress-Up Princess

Reusable sticker books have been on repeat in house for years.

Stacking Cups

The perfect baby toy. The one we gift again and again because our kids loved them. Stack and hide and help your little one develop those fine motor skills!

LEGO Friends Emma's Art School House

Our 9-year-old received this one for her birthday this year and it’s one of the sets she continues to play with.

LEGO Friends Botanical Garden

On our wish list this year! Love the botanical theme.

Brain Games - Brain Workout: Sudoku

Sudokus are a fan-favorite in the Davis home and this is a good one. Tyler does these with the younger kids at bedtime.

A Wish in the Dark

(ages 8+) One of our favorite books we read this year.

TwinTone Marker Set

Tombow our are favorite markers. Double-ended so you always have the tip size you need for note-taking or doodling!


These wooden puzzles are always a hit. Our 12-year-old son had a blast putting this one together this year (plus it makes awesome room decor!).

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

Fun way for kids to learn to draw things they love by tracing!

Poloroid waterproof camera

Kids love this. Don’t underestimate the power of a real camera for kids! It takes video, too!

Melissa & Doug Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck

Littles love repetition and this is such a great way to teach about shapes and develop fine motor skills.

Wooden Play Food Basics Set

Playing kitchen is one of our kids’ favorite pastimes and we’ve found that wooden foods lasts much longer than the plastic versions!

Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart

Why do kids love pushing things around and playing adult? I’m not sure, but kids love this!

Ravensburger World Map Puzzle

Most of our gift guides include a Ravensburger puzzle and this is no exception. This is our recent fav!

Melissa & Doug Wood Blocks

Open-ended toys are the best kind! These have gotten so much use over the years because they can be so many things and are used over and over again.

Party lights

Dancy party, anyone? This is fun for kids and teens! Our teens actually have one in their room and it gets used A LOT.

Chronology Game

This is SUCH a great multi-generational game. We’ve even played with grandparents over Facetime (good use of screens!). Great way to review history with kids!

Air Dry Clay Kit

This is playdough 2.0. This kit includes tools and ideas for lots of shaping fun. Clay is a frequent visitor to our kitchen table!


Years ago I purchased a clipboard for each of our kids. They’ve traveled to music concerts, church, cross-country road trips, and even spent hours on the trampoline on long summer afternoons. Best $10 ever spent!

Stay in Touch with Nature & the Outdoors

Binoculars - Beginner

Got a nature lover in your home? These low-cost binoculars are perfect for trying your hand at spotting birds, animals, or a distant mountain. They don’t offer premium performance, but you don’t have to cry if they get damaged, either.

Binoculars - Advanced

Ready to step up your game? These mid-priced binoculars are a mind blowing step up from the Bushnell set. Durable and a joy to use, they offer an incredible view of nature.

The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd edition

Our 12-year-old son is really into birding and this book has been highly recommended. He’s loved it! Dubbed as the “finest guide to North American birds.”

Micro Kickboard

This one is for the littles (ages 2-5) when they are just learning about things with wheels!

Pickleball Paddle and Ball Set

Have you jumped on the Pickleball craze? It’s a great family activity! This might be showing up in our home this Christmas. 😉

Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels

Smooth and adjustable, these are fun for any age! Find an empty basement or gym during the winter, bring the disco light, and some music and you have a party. Our teen has these exact skates!

Aquasphere Swim Goggles

Our sensitive daughter really struggled with regular swim goggles, and these ones did the trick! They’re comfortable AND keep the water out.

Stretch Your Brain with STEM

Giilker Super Slide

These hand-held games feel like a throw-back to the 80’s. (Think Rubix cubes!) The goal is to slide sets of blocks in order to create a new pattern shown on a small display. This is not an interactive screen by any means—think LED display. Both our 9 and 12-year-olds love these! There are over 500 patterns to discover. (Perfect travel game!)


This entertaining puzzle game uses small machines to teach you how electronics work. The game works through a fun series of challenges to accomplish electonic design tasks while following along the comic-book style instruction guide. It’s a lot of fun, and challenging enough that even mom and dad will enjoy it. BST10 for 10% OFF any order!

Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig

Our kids have always loved digging for things and the rocks and gems in this one are so fun to find! It kept our kids entertained outside on the porch for many hours on many days.

Crunch Labs

Our favorite subscription box ever! It might seem strange to discover our family’s favorite YouTuber on a screen-free gift guide—but it’s true, we have one, and his name is Mark Rober. (Tyler is a mechanical engineer alum of the same university). Rober makes science fun for kids and his subscription box Crunch Labs is no exception. There is a short explanation video you can watch for each kit, but it’s not necessary to watch the video to put the project together. These boxes are science + silly + schooling and our kids love it.

Holiday Special! Get 2 FREE Boxes with an Annual Subscription! (save $60) + FREE SHIPPING. Valid until December 18, 2023.

Science Comics

These graphic novels are super entertaining (and educational!). Every volume of Science Comics offers a complete introduction to a particular topic―dinosaurs, coral reefs, the solar system, volcanoes, bats, flying machines, and more. Our kids love them all—the ones on cats and dogs are their favorite. 🙂

Make Some Music


We love our Yoto Player! Yoto devices have no screen, no camera, no microphone, and no ads. That means kids are free to explore safe and family-friendly audio. This year we tried out the Yoto Mini (love it for travel!) and the new Yoto Generation 3. Both winners! Use the code BST10 for 10% OFF an order of $69 or more until December 15th, 2023.


Our favorite solution to screen-free music for your kids! You can connect this little player to your Spotify or Amazon Music account, then create personalized playlists for your kids. They can listen to audiobooks or music while they do chores, in the car, and at bedtime. Much easier to use than the oldschool MP3 players our older kids used years ago.

Wishing your family hours of screen-free fun, learning, and connection!

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