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In the Tech-Healthy Family Hub you’ll learn from experts and like-minded parents, access proven resources, and take our self-guided courses to prepare your family to navigate a tech-heavy world with confidence.

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"My son and I are now regularly doing weekly tech talks. He’s [even] confided in me with hard topics — totally unrelated to phones.”

Becca, mom to a 14-year old

After years of research and experience, we’ve found children thrive best when they’re introduced to tech one stage at a time.

At every age, children should have different access to technology so they can learn how to use it in a healthy way.

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10-12 year

No need to be overwhelmed, though!

We're here to help you figure this thing out alongside your family.
“[The Better Screen Time courses] hit the perfect balance between sound principles and relation-based techniques.”

“Each concept taught is interwoven with a healthy dose of communication ideas to increase dialogue between parents and teens. Since children are part of the decision-making process, it fortifies the relationship between the child and the parent. [Better Screen Time’s courses] are sound and savvy resources for every parent wanting to safely navigate technology with their child in this crazy world.”

Melanee, mom of four 


Our Signature Programs

For when you’re finally ready to swap screen-time struggles for a tech-healthy home.

Creating a Tech-Healthy Family

Reduce screen time. Restore family time. Raise kids who thrive.

Untangling Teens and Tech

Tackle tech, reconnect, and give your teen a sense of self stronger than any screen.

Raising kiddos in the digital era is not an easy feat…

So we wrote a book about it!


Parents need a strategy, a workable plan to help them navigate technology while strengthening their bond with their kids.

Released in September 2020, Creating a Tech-Healthy Family gives you the tools, resources, and points of discussion to create your Family Technology Plan so you can create healthy tech boundaries and feel more confident in your ability to raise children in a digital world.

Hey, we’re Andrea and Tyler!

Founders of Better Screen Time

Yep, we’re the family who kept their TV in the closet for over a decade. But hey, a lot has changed since 2005.

It’s hard for parents (and kids) to navigate technology in a fast-paced world where we now carry mini-computers in our own pockets! Going through it with our own family, we quickly realized parents (like us) needed resources to raise awareness around how to create a tech-healthy family from a place of confidence instead of fear. So we created our own.

We’ve since helped thousands of parents reduce screen time, restore family time, and raise kids who are thriving in a tech-heavy world.  Our ultimate goal is to help parents like you worry less about screens and connect MORE with their families.

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Some on-screen reads about off-screen life.

Favorite Starter Devices—Spring 2024

Goal: To help you to take the slow-tech road! You can use a step by step process for introducing tech. This is easier now than ever with so many great options! We don’t recommend giving personal devices to kids. Start with a shared family device and then you can...

5 Ways to Roll Back the Phone-Based Childhood

5 Ways to Roll Back the Phone-Based Childhood

In Jonathan Haidt's The Anxious Generation, he boldly states: "...the Great Rewiring of Childhood, in which the phone-based childhood replaced the play-based childhood, is the major cause of the international epidemic of adolescent mental illness." And he cites a lot...

The Anxious Generation is here!

The Anxious Generation is here!

This book should be required reading for every Big Tech CEO and employee, parent, teacher, school administrator, and really—everyone.

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Need a Speaker?

It’s a privilege to help parents lose sight of the fear-driven information out there that hurdles them into a panic, and instead, empower them to set well-informed healthy screen boundaries

That’s why beyond online courses, I also break down slow-tech concepts at schools, parent groups, and conferences, so even more parents have access to some of the tools and resources they need to rethink and reset with their families. 

By the way, I am certified by the Digital Wellness Institute. Plus, given my hands-on experience as a mom of five, it means I show up with empathy, expertise, and encouragement.

If you are committed to creating a slow-tech environment for the children in your life or the members of your community, send me a message.

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