Untangling Teens & Tech

Tackle tech, reconnect, and give your teen a sense of self stronger than any screen.

Let’s talk, parent-to-parent.

Screen time.

Two words that can drive a canyon-like chasm between the closest of families.

Now I’m NOT going to pull the fear card to tell you about the evils of technology.

Chances are you already know.

What I do want to highlight is the fact…

…technology is here to STAY.

It’s up to us, as parents, to decide whether we want to continue running from it, relying on flip phones for the longest time ever, taking away internet privileges and feeling angry about the whole situation…


… can we create strong, intentional, self-reliant teens who go on to become responsible, focused and self-aware adults with enviable social skills despite the great gadget apocalypse?

Do I sense you raise a skeptical eyebrow?

I don’t blame you—nearly every parent has the same question.

Can you take a slow-tech approach to screens and still teach your teens to use devices wisely in a tech-heavy world?

You sit across the breakfast table and watch your teenage daughter engage in a texting match with her BFF while your pre-teen son is engrossed in watching a football game on his Chromebook and the toddler is dancing away to Baby Shark on the iPad.

(Well, that last one is really all you. You need some rest after another sleep-deprived night of being up with the baby.)

You see the older kids nod without really listening to your husband as he reminds them to call Grandma to wish her on her birthday

And you feel the all-too-familiar ugly potion of frustration, anxiety and even, anger bubble up.

But more than that, you feel helpless.

Almost paralyzed.

You’re dealing with so many things already… making meals, grocery shopping, managing homework, dinner, finances, a job, shuttling kids to and from sports and activities…

… and in the middle of all of that, now you are supposed to know how to balance technology and take time to connect with each child and as a family.

And it’s not easy either…

How do you set boundaries on screen time with your teens when you know your spouse and you struggle with it too?

How do you stop every request to “turn off your phone, please” from escalating into a “You don’t understand me!” screaming match?

How do you quit feeling like you’re going around in circles (and no progress) with family discussions, cellphone contracts (those don’t work, by the way!), and constant negotiations?

Can tech really be any good?

Do your teens actually need it?

Can you truly start to connect with your teen even when it feels like they have a gadget glued to their fingertips all the time?

I say we can!

Let’s strengthen the relationship with our teens instead of letting screens come between us.

Hi, I’m Andrea Davis,

Mom to 5 and a former Secondary Ed. teacher turned screen-time-navigator for families who are ready to parent from a place of confidence, not fear. Parents who are willing to delay devices AND teach their kids how to have a healthy relationship with technology.

I believe we don’t have to battle tech. We have to create boundaries with it and then, empower our kids to use it wisely so when they go out in the world, they’re better prepared, they know what to expect and they are ready to handle the challenges and the consequences.

I believe in hope and guilt-free parenting. We already have a lot to deal with. The last thing you need is someone shoving more to-dos on your plate.

You need a fellow mom who understands it’s okay to not have everything figured out all the time.

You need a researcher who finds what you absolutely need to know about so you can stop paying attention to the fear-mongering that media outlets can indulge in.

You need a friend who happens to have a framework she’s tested on her family.

I’m that friend, that researcher, that mom.

As a mom to 5 kids, ages 9 to 18, I’m right there in the trenches with you.

I’m personally invested in figuring this out.

I get to do this FIVE times! #sendchocolate

I’ve done the research for you.

I’ve read much of the latest research on what today’s teens are facing as well as the impact technology is having on our relationships, our time, and our mental health.

Research like the best predictor of happiness is, “…the opposite of loneliness, materialism, and insecurity: It’s having a large breadth and depth of real-life social connections.” – Christine Carter in Greater Good

Or the fact that detox programs have sprung up to treat teen tech addiction (source: NPR)

Or research that contradicts (and confuses!) us even more “Kids who were allowed to self-regulate their screen time got just as good grades as those whose parents closely controlled their activity.” – Eszter Hargittai and Drew Cingel (source: Inc.)

And SO much more.

I’ve read the books, listened to the TED talks, gone down research rabbit holes all.night.long.

I studied teen development and behavior as part of my degree.

I taught 7th-grade History, and I taught Spanish at Purdue University.

I served in many volunteer positions where I worked with teenagers, ages 12-18, for several years.

And I then, formulated, created, AND tested inexpensive and yet lasting solutions that work when untangling the tech world with and for your teens.

I’ve also implemented much of this within our own home through teaching and conversations with my kids.

Everything I share with you, you can bet I’ve done it with my teen.

It’s teen-tested and family-approved.

So…how do you start building a stronger connection with your teen?

By understanding that tech isn’t the enemy.

You’re not battling tech.

You’re navigating it, along with your teen, and when you navigate it right, you’re able to use it to build stronger connections and better relationships and create happier times for your family, as a whole.

“Parents have always taught their children how to eat, when to sleep, and how to interact with other people, but parenting today is incomplete without lessons on how to interact with technology and for how long each day.”

—Adam Alter, author of Irresistible

But the truth is we’ve been made to believe…

This generation is doomed because they’re glued to their smartphones and Snapchat accounts.

You have to have a black-and-white, all-or-nothing approach to tech.

If kids do get addicted to porn, gaming, or social media, it’s a reflection on our parenting skills.

There is one perfect way to tackle tech with our teens.

We may as well “give up and give in” to devices because this is just the world our teens live in.

But what if we didn’t believe all that?

What if we believed…

This generation has great potential. They just need a lot of direction and guidance.

As parents, we need to be equipped to offer that in a positive, constructive, and empowering way.

Teens will use screens, both at home and at school.

Taking away phones, tablets or laptops isn’t necessarily the solution. You just need to know how to set boundaries that don’t make teens feel that you’re simply imposing your will on them.

You can start small. With a single change, you can create a positive impact. And it’s okay if you continue to figure it out as you go along.

You don’t have to continue to feel overwhelmed, angry, or frustrated with the situation.

You can choose a proven system, a teen-tested framework for helping your teen foster a healthy relationship with tech.

Untangling Teens & Tech


Tackle tech, reconnect, and give your teen a sense of self stronger than any screen.

Untangling Teens and Tech is a step-by-step program designed to help you create stronger, better tech boundaries.

You can (FINALLY!) say goodbye to shouting matches, frustrated Google searches, and drastic disconnect-with-your teen measures.

You’ll understand how to connect more with your teen. You will open up communication channels and build a strong relationship that will outlast the latest version of the iPhone. 😉

Over the course of 12 video modules with bite-sized lessons, you’ll understand everything you need to know about:

  • Setting a good example yourself with your own tech habits.
  • Empowering our teens to hold and create a vision of their future and feed their minds in a non-preachy yet positive way.
  • Teenage milestones and development, specifically for the teens of today, so you can use research-based knowledge to reach out to your teen.
  • How to help your teen navigate social media, gaming, and the distractions of the always-on online world.
  • Connecting with your teens in a way they’re most comfortable with. Yes, you’ll learn how to turn tech into your ally!
  • Skill building so they know when to tune out, what to pay attention to, and acquire life skills, including leveraging tech for good, that would last them a lifetime.
  • Helping your teen develop a strong sense of self and an internal filter so they can withstand peer pressure and unplug without feeling FOMO creep up.
  • Setting and creating “collaborative” expectations so you aren’t controlling or micro-managing them but at the same time, guiding them in a way that’s perfect for both of you.



In these quarterly LIVE calls, we’ll discuss the latest digital dangers and have plenty of time for Q&A. The replay will be available inside the course within 48 hours of the call.


The entire course is now available in a private podcast. Listen and learn while waiting in the car for soccer practice to end, preparing dinner, or going for a run!


A lesson checklist to help you stay on track so you know exactly what to do next to keep the tech in check and stay connected to your teen.

“I know what to do now.”

Ameri’s oldest daughter was sucked into the apps on her iPod Touch and it created a lot of tension in their home and their relationship. Ameri shares how Untangling Teens & Tech helped her reign in the tech and turn things around…

Know what to do with your teen and tech!

Here’s how you’ll do ALL of this without spending MORE than 10 minutes a day:

MODULE 01: Proactive Parenting in a Tangled World

In this module, you’ll discover how to lean on what YOU already know so you can help your teen to navigate tech wisely without getting all preachy.

You’ll learn how to model positive tech habits yourself and you’ll master my High-Five approach that makes it effective (and easy!) for us to connect AND teach our teens about becoming resilient and developing life skills they need in a “skip and scroll” culture.

MODULE 02: What You Should Know About Teenagers

In this module, you’ll understand how the teenage brain functions and how the brain decides what behaviors to hang on to and which ones to let go of and how YOU can use this knowledge to help them develop good tech habits.

You’ll also discover how to help and support your teen as they navigate friendships, independence, and discovering their identity.

MODULE 03: Connect With Your Teen

Connection is the heart and soul of this program and as a parent, it is my mission to help you strengthen your connection with your teen without letting a screen stand in the way of that.

In this module, you’ll uncover exactly how to meet your teen where they are and play to their strengths. You’ll learn how to peel back the layers and uncover what really matters to them.

MODULE 04: Strong Sense of Self

In this module, you’ll encourage and empower your teen to create their sense of self by understanding who they are and what their values are.

With easy, teen-approved exercises, your teen will learn how to use their value system to guide the decisions they make, especially when it comes to what goes on social media.

MODULE 05: Explore the Research Together

Lean on my personal experience with my teen here and discover how you can start to explore the latest research with your teen.

Together, you’ll learn how to distill and discuss the good and bad effects of technology so you can not only make your teen more aware of the addictiveness that tech brings but also continue to help them explore ways to make decisions that help them become the master of their device and not the slave.

MODULE 06: Building Self-Awareness

Untangle the complicated world of social media by understanding when, if and how you can introduce it.

Navigate managing gaming, endless video streaming, and everything that comes with prepping your teen for internet access on a device.

Also, and more importantly, discover how we can talk to our teens about the potential pitfalls of pornography in a healthy and helpful way.

MODULE 07: Managing Time and Distractions

Can you teach your teen to be indistractable in the digital era? Can you actually help teens improve concentration and focus skills? Can these really be learned?

This is the module where you’ll master Jedi tricks to implement to help your teen stay more focused on school work and not let their device dictate their day.

MODULE 08: Being Mindful of Mental Health

In this module, you’ll understand how to help your teen tune out and recharge their body and soul in healthy ways.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about taking planned breaks from optional technology.

MODULE 09: Using Tech to Do Good

The differentiation between creating and consuming digital content is KEY and in this module, you’ll learn how to talk to your teens about this.

You’ll understand the difference between creating and consuming and you’ll know exactly how to help your teen to use tech to help and serve others. I believe in looking around and seeing who you can help and this lesson will show your teen exactly how to do that.

MODULE 10: Collaborative Expectations

Respect is a two-way street and this module focuses on how to understand and respect our teens so we can create collaborative expectations.

You’ll learn how to create tech boundaries that both of you can live with, unlike a cellphone contract that feels dictatorial to our teens. You’ll also learn whether or not to monitor your teen’s digital activities, how much to monitor, and if you do, some of our favorite tools to do so.

MODULE 11: Help! We’re a tangled mess already.

This module will help you if you feel that your teen and you are already disconnected from each other.

You’ll learn exactly where to start and how to reign in your teen’s tech use without losing your mind.

You’ll lean on my experience and knowledge of habit formation and addiction and design a plan to help your teen kick poor tech habits and turn to their family instead of always turning to a screen.

MODULE 12: Keep Going!

This final lesson will give you the parent-to-parent encouragement and gentle guidance you need to give yourself grace and permission as you continue to connect with your teen without letting technology get in the way.

PLUS…Strengthen your connection with your teen with these BONUSES!

The Ready-to-Connect Relationship Booster: An easy-to-use printable of 25 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Teen

On-Demand Teenspiration Suite: A curated collection of some of our family’s favorite TED Talks and quick reads for your teen and you to enjoy together.

The “Connect More” Card: What you see every day, you bring into your world. This is why you’ll get a set of printable Hand-lettered Reminder Cards to put in your phone case, your wallet, on your mirror, on your nightstand, or to use as a bookmark to help you stay connected with your teen.

“We were able to get to a place where we could communicate and connect.”

Becca wanted to hold off as long as possible on giving her teen a phone, but also wanted to know how to prepare him for that transition. She shares how Untangling Teens & Tech helped her, and her son, to make that leap intentionally.

These parents found solutions for handling tech with their kids…

Just what I’ve been searching for!

“This course has been just what I have been searching for! It is organized in a way that is doable and informative. I can tell my teen actually enjoys the time alone with me. We’ve had great conversations about important topics, like what do you want your future to look like and then connecting that to her technological use and choices. I will be doing this program with my other kids when they are teens, too. Such a great investment in their future!”

– Brittany Turley

Sounds principles + relationship-based techniques

“Andrea’s course hits the perfect balance between sound principles and relationship-based techniques. The course brought to my attention certain practices which I had never thought of—fresh ideas which I could start implementing right away.

Untangling Teens and Tech is a sound and savvy resource for every parent wanting to safely navigate their teen in this crazy world. I will definitely be spreading the word!”

– Melanee, mother of four

Your focus on connecting us with our teens has had such an impact.

“Andrea, my son and I are now regularly doing Sunday tech talks and last week, after watching the TED talks, he confided some hard things that had been going on—totally unrelated to phones. Your focus on connecting us with our teens has had such an impact.”

– Becca Lloyd

We don’t need to know everything about technology to become a leader over it.

“As a former video game addict and father of 4, the principles, insights, and questions Andrea presents are monumentally important as we raise children in the digital age.

Andrea’s lessons are easy to follow and are the perfect length to watch with your spouse or an accountability partner.

I’ve found that we don’t need to know everything about technology to become a leader over it.

If we follow these principles, I believe we will see the change we’ve been looking for.”

– Spencer Sessions, father of four and leadership mentor for parents

Helping parents around the world to see that they are not alone in wanting their families to use screens wisely.

“Andrea and Tyler have created a MUCH-needed resource for parents and families at Better Screen Time.

Their suggestions and strategies are principle-based and easily applied to busy family life–but more than anything, they are helping parents around the world to see that they are not alone in wanting their families to use screens wisely.

In a world where screens seem to be “taking over” (and not always in an awesome way), Better Screen Time helps families to see that digital devices can be used for GOOD.”

– Eric & April Perry, Founders of learndobecome.com

Join these parents and learn how to mentor your teen!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome! Watch this first.
Module 1: Proactive Parenting in a Tangled World
  • Lesson 1: Why Our Teens Need Us NOW
  • Lesson 2: Be the Change
Module 2: What You Should Know About Teenagers
  • Lesson 1: Knots Are Normal
  • Lesson 2: Our Teens Need Our Confidence
Module 3: Connect With Your Teen
  • Lesson 1: Untangle the Relationship
  • Lesson 2: Be at the Crossroads
  • Lesson 3: Play to Their Strengths
  • Lesson 4: Meet Them Where They Are
Module 4: Strong Sense of Self
  • Lesson 1: Why A Strong Sense of Self Matters Now More Than Ever
  • Lesson 2: Wiring the Internal Filter
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Vision of the Future
Module 5: Explore the Research Together
  • Lesson 1: TED Talks and Live Events
  • Lesson 2: Pick One Book
Module 6: Building Self-Awareness
  • Lesson 1: Self-Awareness with Social Media, Video Games, and Video Streaming
  • Lesson 2: If, When, and How to Introduce Social Media
  • Lesson 3: Managing Gaming
  • Lesson 4: Preparing for Internet Access on a Mobile Device
  • Lesson 5: What About Pornography?
Module 7: Managing Time and Distractions
  • Lesson 1: The Reality of an ‘Always-On’ World
  • Lesson 2: How to Minimize Distractions and Stop Wasting Time
  • Lesson 3: Homework Help
Module 8: Being Mindful of Mental Health
  • Lesson 1: Healthy Recharging
  • Lesson 2: Planned Breaks from Optional Technology
Module 9: Using Tech For Good
  • Lesson 1: Creating Vs. Consuming
  • Lesson 2: Reaching Out and Helping Others
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Business That Serves
Module 10: Collaborative Expectations
  • Lesson 1: Why a Cell Phone Contract Doesn’t Always Work
  • Lesson 2: Creating a Pledge or Plan Together
  • Lesson 3: To Monitor or Not, and How?
  • Lesson 4: How to Stay on Top of the Latest Apps
Module 11: Help! We're a tangled mess already.
  • Lesson 1: Untangle the Mess
  • Lesson 2: Preserve the Relationship and Make a Plan
  • Lesson 3: Simplify and Recruit Help
Module 12: Keep Going!
  • Lesson 1: Love Your Teenager; Be Gentle With Yourself

You’re protected at all times by my “Just Look Around and See Who You Can Help” Guarantee

As a former Secondary Ed. teacher turned stay-at-home mom who is the founder of Better Screen Time and the creator of this course, I take your trust in me very seriously.

I always tell my kids, “Just look around and see who you can help.

This course was born out of that need to help fellow parents navigate the turbulent tech waters with something more than just a technological band-aid.

Which is why if you, at any time during the first 14 days of enrollment, feel that this course is not helping you to reduce screen time, restore family time, and raise kids who thrive, email me and I’ll refund your money.

Helping YOU create a stronger, richer, happier family experience is what I’m ALL about.

Join now for $247

“Will I have the time to complete the course?”

Answers to this and all the other questions that have you second-guessing whether this program is perfect for you.

I don’t really have time to go through an online course to figure out screen time boundaries. Will this work for me?

I hear you. I’m parenting 5 kids and I’m an in-the-trenches-with-you mom. I know how rushed mornings can be and how busy evenings are.

Which is why the lessons in this course are intentionally tailored to be no longer than 10 minutes or so.

That’s ALL you need to be able to start connecting with your teen and stop feeling angry, overwhelmed, stressed, or frustrated about the screens that stand in the way of a stronger relationship.

Why do I have to pay a couple of hundred dollars for this? It’s going to be a stretch on our budget.

You always have the option of doing your own research and going down the Google rabbit hole to find solutions to a problem that’s here to stay.

Or you can take me up on my offer to have ready-to-use, research-based frameworks and family-tested solutions that actually work, saving you tons of time and also, money.

This course is based on hundreds of hours of research and an equal number of hours of testing out strategies so you don’t have to do all of that. Plus, if you really think about it… it’s so much cheaper than counseling which may be necessary for some situations, but many intentional parents can work through this at home.

AND…you get the opportunity to connect with your teen!

My teen won’t listen to me. We are really struggling to get along. I’ve already messed this up. Is it too late for us?

No, it’s only late if you let it stay that way.

If you decide to make a change today and go from yelling matches and slamming doors to calmly discussing screen time and boundaries, you can start repairing your relationship with your teen while helping him/her navigate tech and screens in a way that’s responsible and constructive instead of damaging and consumptive.

I’ve tried everything. I don’t see how an online course is going to help me learn how to deal with this mess.

I hear you and feel you!

The truth is… You can’t read the label from the inside of the bottle. It’s easy to feel stuck and feel like we’ve tried everything, but sometimes we just need a new perspective.

We need someone with an outside perspective to help us determine our next steps and to walk alongside us.

This isn’t just another online course from a big company.

It’s a proven path from a fellow parent who is walking right alongside you!

We break it all down step-by-step, so all you need to do is follow along and focus on your relationship with your teen while you make a few changes together along the way. It’s the next right thing!

Is this course just for the parents or can I watch it with my teen?

Yes, this course is for parents only. You don’t need to convince your teen to watch it or put them in front of yet another screen.

You are your teen’s best teacher and I’ll give you the tools to make this as easy as possible.

I have a pre-teen and a teen. Will I be able to come back to the course later to go through for my 2nd kid?

You have LIFETIME access to the program for as long as I’m running the program. You can come back to it later and as many times as you’d like so you can keep working on strengthening your connection with your teen and setting boundaries that work perfectly for everyone.

I still have questions about whether or not this course will be perfect for my situation. Who do I talk to?

Sure thing! You can reach out to me at [email protected] and either I or a team member will personally respond to you and help you make a decision that’s best for your family and you.

Untangling Teens and Tech is for you if…

You’re a mom with a teenager and while you don’t have any real concerns about their phone and screen behavior, you do feel it’s important to know how to set boundaries and have them in place. You want to be proactive instead of reactive.

You’re the parent to a freshly minted teenager and even though your teen and you have a strong relationship right now, you find yourself feeling anxious about their phone usage.

You’re constantly looking for ways to help set boundaries that would work for everyone and not fracture the relationship the two of you already have.

Your teen and you have been in endless shouting matches over screen time. You’re tired, exhausted, and angry. You want a solution. You don’t want more “do this, do that” thrust down your throat. You want something that actually works for today’s families and you want it fast. You don’t want to lose your teenager to a gadget.

Your teen is showing signs of “tech addiction”. Headphones always on, phone in his hand, you hardly communicate anymore and monosyllables are what you get when you try to reach out. You want a healthy, happy relationship and you catch yourself wondering if it’s too late now.

You want a family where tech doesn’t stand in the way of meaningful connection and lasting relationships. You want to wake up and join your family at the breakfast table, filled with laughter, and light conversation flowing freely.

You KNOW you can make this happen. You just want to know HOW and WHERE to start.

Let’s make untangling tech to connect with our teens a reality.

Parent-to-parent, the truth is…

Our teens need us. Now more than ever.

They need us to step up and show up for them.

Just like we’ve always done.

Here’s what I know for a fact…

You’ve been intentional about their health, their academics, their extra-curricular activities.

You’ve been devoted to helping them make the right choices.

But you also know your role is changing.

It’s becoming more challenging to walk the fine line between guiding them and directing them.

You may even have started experiencing, first-hand, the effects of this change.

You know you want them to know you trust them.

But you also know you want to protect them.

The good thing is…

…with Untangling Teens and Tech, you don’t have to choose.

You don’t have to wait another second thinking it’s too late and your teen is too hooked to tech to ever come back.

You can give your teens the privacy and independence they need while keeping them safe from online predators and the anxiety-inducing dangers of an always-on world.

You can connect with your teen and help them use tech for good.

It’s time to rip off the temporary technological band-aids and create a permanent solution that STICKS.