Online Courses

Let’s help you prioritize the relationships with your kids instead of laying down tech laws.

Online education where parents can create a tech plan that works for their family in a judgment-free zone.

Being a parent is challenging enough, but technology makes it a whole new territory of hard.

You’re downright tired of having the same screen time arguments, over and over and over.

You dread the day when you’ll walk in on your child looking at something inappropriate when they shouldn’t be (or even worse, it’s already happened).

And honestly? You long for the days when kids used to have fun riding bikes outside. It seems like a child’s definition of “fun” today is chasing after every dopamine hit that comes from mindlessly scrolling on their device.


You want your family to set healthy boundaries with their screens for good.

And that’s what we’re all about.


The Better Screen Time Online Courses

A collection of self-paced, online courses and action-packed tools that over 1,000 parents have trusted to help them safely (and slowly) introduce tech in their home.

Creating a Tech-Healthy Family

Dial in your personal tech habits and work with your spouse or partner to get on the same tech page so you can teach and prepare your kids for life in the digital era.

Untangling Teens & Tech

Reconnect with your teen, help them identify their values, and teach them how to avoid getting sucked into pornography, social media comparison, or wasting their precious youth on a screen.

“Every time I turned the course on to listen, I literally felt like I was adding one more layer to my defense and another arrow to my quiver. We have made changes in our family, but since the kids are still young, it’s more like we are just not letting things even begin.

“Most of all, I’ve seen the biggest changes in myself—making better choices with the time I’m on my phone. I’m so grateful. I’m using [the course] daily and it’s changing our family.”

-Ashley Arnold

(Mother of five children under the age of 9)

“We did some exercises in the course that were some of my favorite conversations we’ve ever had together as a family.

-Mary Beth, mom of a 10-year-old and Creating a Tech-Healthy Family Course Student

“[My teen and I have had] great conversations about such important topics like what she wants her future to look like and then connecting that to her technological use and choices!”

-Brittany, mom of a teen (with 4 more to come!)

“We were able to come up with a plan that made us feel more confident when it came time to actually purchase a phone [for our teen daughter].”

-Maria, mom to a 16-year-old

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