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“Andrea was easy to listen to and it was the first time talking about screen time that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or like a bad parent.”

She had a really calm and gentle way of talking about screen time that made it seem like tackling the issue was manageable.

Kelly Thorman, School Council chairperson, Doon Public Schools 


Hi, I’m Andrea Davis!

Founder of Better Screen Time

Five years ago I sat across the kitchen table telling my oldest daughter I made a mistake giving her a smartphone too soon.

Since then through online courses, I’ve helped 1000+ parents find a way to have a healthy relationship with their screens, let their kids be kids, and teach their families values.

I would love to help you do the same.

Sample Talk

“Andrea’s emphasis on parenting from confidence, not fear, to handle this often overwhelming but unavoidable part of raising our kids was exactly what we hoped to convey in our parent night.”

Her message of fostering family relationships with open communication and practical tips to guide kids’ readiness and ongoing use of screens resonated with our community.

Rebekah, Parent Committee, West Hartford Community of Concern

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Creating a Tech-Healthy Family

Is your audience tired of screens taking over? Are they wondering how to help their kids thrive in a digital world? Let’s give them the confidence and tools they need to tackle tech head-on with our Tech-Healthy Family Formula. This formula provides five steps parents can take to help reduce screen time, restore family time, and finally feel peace of mind.

Parents will learn how to:


  • Create a family tech plan with their kids
  • Take a slow-tech approach to introduce technology
  • Teach their children about digital dangers and distractions

Untangling Teens & Tech

Teens today have most if not all of their life wrapped up in a phone or device. Our job as parents is to help untangle them! In this talk, I share ideas for your audience to support their teen as they discover what a healthy relationship with tech looks like in the digital era. Our teens need us now more than ever! Through connection and open conversations, give your teen a sense of self stronger than any screen.

Parents will discover how to:


  • Initiate “teen tech talks” with topics around mental health and personal values 
  • Prepare their teens for the dangers they might face online
  • Instill in their teens the skills of concentration, focus, and screen time management

#itsyourchoice—Choosing What Matters To You, Not Your Device

The choices we make hold a lot of power in our lives. The sooner our youth understand this, the sooner they can develop strong skills that set them up for success in the future. For students ages 10+, I present mindset shifts and share or ask questions to help them reflect on how to become the best version of themselves beyond their devices, all through the choices they make every day.

Students will walk away with:


  • An eye-opening exercise that reveals how much screen time eats up their day
  • Suggestions for ways to connect and create online instead of over-consume
  • Prompts to better understand how to honor their emotions over sending emojis
“Andrea’s calm and relatable nature leaves you feeling capable and even confident that you can tackle the important “screen-time” topic in your own home.”

The presentation was packed with research, information, and tangible solutions around navigating the inevitable screen time issues in the home. She has taken what can seem like such an overwhelming topic and created solutions and tips that are simple and practical. Thank you Andrea, for inspiring us to do better—for leaving us prepared, motivated, and hopeful that we can create our own tech-healthy family! 

-Mission Estancia Elementary PTA

we’re a good fit if…

Your audience is primarily parents with children between the ages of 3 and 17.

You and your audience are committed to creating a healthy relationship with screens and technology.

There is an opportunity to share some of our resources with your audience so they know how to take next steps with Better Screen Time.

Professional Bio

Andrea Davis is a former secondary ed teacher turned screen time navigator. She is the founder of Better Screen Time where she shares family-tested ideas from the (tech) trenches as a mom of five. 

She is on a mission to help parents worry less about tech and connect more with their kids. 

Andrea is the author of Creating a Tech-Healthy Family and is certified by the Digital Wellness Institute. Andrea and her husband, Tyler, live in beautiful Hood River, Oregon where they love spending time outdoors as a family.

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“My kids are grown, but my husband was listening in the background and said, 'We needed this 15 years ago!'”

High praise. 😉

-Erica Gillespie, Principal, Moffat Creek Public School

Together, let’s help your school, parent, or church community worry less about tech and connect more with their kids.