Hi there! We’re Tyler and Andrea Davis…

Better Screen Time is the resource we wish we had years ago—before our kids started wanting electronic devices of their own.

Do you have a child ready to make that leap, too?

At Better Screen Time, you will learn positive strategies to help your family know when and how to make that transition without letting screen time take center stage.


We’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying the latest research, interviewing intentional parents, and testing strategies in our own home—all in order to learn what really works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to screen time. We want to share what we’ve learned with you!

We will show you how to:

  • Design a personalized family technology plan.
  • Handle screen time with different ages and stages.
  • Implement practical and simple screen time solutions one step at a time.
  • Include the topic of screen time in your family’s conversations.
  • Feel confident in your ability to determine the best screen time solutions for your family.

We’re Ready to Serve You

Andrea’s passion is teaching. She has a B.A. in secondary education, and her experience ranges from teaching preschool swimming lessons to college-level Spanish. However her greatest learning has come from her daily work as a stay-at-home mom of five children.

The past several years, she has also worked from home as an admin for a motherhood website, a health coach, and a podcast copywriter. This means she knows what many moms are worried about, can help you create goals and action plans, and knows how to boil things down to key takeaways. She is excited to use these skills to empower parents who crave positive interactions with their kids when it comes to screens.

Tyler brings his tech skills and a sense of humor to our mission. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and works as a mechanical and software engineer. He spends a lot of time on computers and has always been tech savvy. Thankfully, his personality will keep things light around here.

We’re Parents, Too

We are right there in the trenches with you when it comes to navigating electronics with kids. Recently, we moved across the country for a job change. During the transition, we gave our oldest daughter an abandoned smart phone so she could stay in touch with us as well as old friends. We also purchased a family iPad for the same purpose.

We had several initial conversations with our kids defining proper use, but still encountered an uncomfortable shift in our family culture. This led us to take a step back and start a new conversation about the changes we were seeing. The research and study required for this new conversation has caused a paradigm shift in our family when it comes to the responsibility and privilege of using a personal device.

Our learning as parents is sure to continue as we navigate new territory with our kids and technology in the future. We look forward to sharing our latest discoveries with you.

Ready to make screen time better for you and your family?

We believe that screen time can be a positive experience. We can use everyday interactions to establish routines and expectations that help our families enjoy screens and we can learn to avoid the pitfalls that that are so common in our society.

In teaching our children appropriate screen use, not only are we sharing with them an important life skill, but we can learn right along with them. We all know that modeling the kind of behavior we want to see is where it all begins. We can be innovators and early adopters to help the next generation of kids be prepared for technology that we can only dream of. That preparation starts right now.