Printable: Our Four-Phase Process

by | Oct 31, 2018

To print this image, just right-click and “Save image as…” and download to your device and print!

If you’ve read our article, Feature Phone to Smart Phone: A Four-Phase Process, then you are familiar with this progression.

This image came to my mind after a lot of study (and prayer!). We are using this process with our kids to help them ease into the responsibilities that come with using a cell phone.

We also use this as a means to take a step back if a teen isn’t using his or her device responsibly.

No matter the ages of our children, we can always teach our children one step at time and allow them small amounts of freedom until they are ready to move forward.

How do you help your children learn to use technology one step at a time? We’d love to know!

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The Anxious Generation is here!

The Anxious Generation is here!

This book should be required reading for every Big Tech CEO and employee, parent, teacher, school administrator, and really—everyone.