Creating a Tech-Healthy Family

What if instead of panicking and worrying, or throwing our hands up in the air, we spent our time and energy on preparing our kids to use tech as a tool?

Untangling Teens and Tech

A step-by-step program for parents who want to connect with their teens while navigating turbulent tech waters (MINUS the shouting matches, helicopter parenting, and feeling constantly overwhelmed).


(With your kids!)

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with how to manage your kids’ cell phone, computer and social media use?

Do you worry they will end up on the wrong website or receive an inappropriate text from a friend? It can feel like navigating a minefield!

We’re here to help you navigate those landmines—so you can worry less and connect more with your kids.

Our New Book is Here!

Parents need a strategy, a workable plan to help them navigate technology while strengthening their bond with their kids.

Creating a Tech-Healthy Family gives you the tools, resources, and the points of discussion to create your Family Technology Plan so you can create healthy tech boundaries and feel more confident in your ability to raise children in a digital world.

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We’re the family who kept their TV in the closet for over a decade; pulling it out only for the Olympics and family movie nights.


A lot had changed between 2005 and 2017. 

Technology had evolved and morphed into MUCH more than television. We now carried mini-computers in our pockets. And we had a teenager.

We were a low-tech family who had to rethink our approach to screens.

We starting parenting from a place of confidence, instead of fear.

Now we share family-tested strategies with other parents so that: kids can stay kids, teens can learn to use tech as a tool (slowly!), and parents can spend less time worrying and more time connecting with their kids.




Develop a personalized family technology plan designed to set the expectations for screen time.


We can help you implement practical and simple screen time solutions one step at at a time.


We can show you how to include the topic of screen time in your family’s conversations.

is my teen ready for a personal device?

Get All 12 Questions!

We brainstormed with our kids to create a list of behaviors that demonstrated emotional maturity and responsibility. The result? A list of 12 self-evaluation questions for teens to ask themselves when they feel they are ready for a personal device or a cell phone. You can use these questions as a framework to create your own list of questions with your family.
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    Do you want to spend less time worrying about screens and more time connecting with your kids?

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