Help Us Fix App Ratings

by | Apr 5, 2019

We are supporting a NEW movement called #fixappratings and we would love your help!

The Fix App Ratings Movement is calling for two actions:
1️⃣The creation of an independent app ratings board with the power to impose sanctions for non-compliance.
2️⃣The release of intuitive parental controls for iOS, Android, and Chrome operating systems.

These two steps will give parents the information they need to make informed decisions about the appropriateness of the digital places where their kids spend time.

Social media companies have a responsibility to help protect kids online, but right now, nothing is holding them accountable for what happens on their apps. A problem of this size can’t be placed entirely on parents shoulders.

Our children’s innocence is at stake. Will you join us? If so, head over to the Fix App Ratings site and share the draft resolution on the site with your state representative and share with your friends and family.

We aren’t against apps. But let’s let our kids be kids and gradually teach them how to use tech as a tool when the time is right.

We hope you can take a few minutes and join us in supporting this important cause. Thank you!

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