Celebrating Screen-Free Week

by | Apr 29, 2023

Do you feel like your device controls you? Could you use a little jump-start to form better tech-habits?

JOIN US for a screen free week from May 1st- May 7th! Screen-Free week is a world-wide invitation (led by Fairplay) to spend a week without using our digital devices for entertainment. It might be challenging at first as you reach for your phones, gaming consoles, TV’s and computers, but we promise, you will see at least one positive change in your life that will make this challenge worthy to accept.

Late November of 2022, I decided to stay off of social media for the month of December.  I wanted to spend quality time with my family during the holiday season and I didn’t want myself to compare my experience with other Instagram users that “have it all together”.

There were a couple of library books waiting on my bookshelf for me to read- one of which was “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport. I had no device to entertain me, so I picked up the book and couldn’t put it down. This book inspired me to not only take the month off of social media, but to also stop ALL thoughtless device use.

I wanted to formulate a plan so that I could come back in January with full confidence knowing that if I stuck to my plan, I wouldn’t get sucked into mindlessly scrolling my phone when I could be spending time doing something more valuable. By the end of the month, I had a plan that has helped me to take control of my devices and not feel controlled by them.

I couldn’t believe the transformation I felt and saw in myself as I chose to let my mind wander, be bored and push through the hard parts in my day. Without turning to my phone for an escape, I was more attentive, patient, and kind with everyone I interacted with throughout the day. I felt more joy and contentment in my life than ever before. 

We encourage you to make a plan so that after the week is over, YOU control your device and your day.

Don’t forget to invite your family and friends to join you too!

Now, you might be asking, “What CAN we DO if we aren’t on screens?” 

Click here for a free download of with a lot of screen-free entertainment ideas!

Screen Free week is led by Fairplay. Click here for more information and ideas on what to do for fun during Screen-Free week.

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