Am I Ready for a Personal Device? A Self-Evaluation for Teens

We knew we needed to have a discussion with our kids about when the right time would be to get a cell phone or personal device.

After some research, we were inspired to create a list of behaviors that demonstrated emotional maturity and responsibility. As we brainstormed together, the kids helped us come up with a great list of ideas! (Tyler and I threw in our two cents as well.)

The result? A list of 12 questions for teens to ask themselves when they feel they are ready for a personal device or a cell phone.

Want the full list? Get it here!

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    You can use these questions as a springboard to come up with your own list as you work through your Family Tech Discussions with your kids.

    You’ll be relieved to have these questions handy as your kids grow and mature from child to teen. Confidence comes with having a plan in place!