How this self-evaluation came to be...

Years ago, we handed over an abandoned smartphone to our oldest child. We eventually realized this phone was too much too soon and so—we backpedaled.

When you hand a kid a smartphone, you hand them a portal to the world, a world they are not prepared for.

Smartphones are not for kids.

But kids are going to ask for one.

Parents need a tool to help them delay. And to get buy-in.

In 2018, we were inspired to brainstorm a list of behaviors that demonstrate emotional maturity and responsibility with our kids.

The teacher in me turned this list into a self-evaluation called, “Am I Ready for a Personal Device?

Thousands and thousands of parents have downloaded this self-evaluation over the years.

And we just made it even better!

Parents need their own self-evaluation to really understand what it means to prepare kids and teens for the digital world.

So, parents, your self-evaluation is here.

Let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our kids and make a better decision about devices.

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