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Families desperately need a strategy for how they will handle technology because there is so much at stake. Cyber bullying, pornography, inappropriate texts, anxiety, depression, and screen addictions are just a few of the issues that might affect our children, and we need a plan in place. We are here to help you design a plan that will work for your family.

We know you are a busy parent, so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to find what you need!

Here are some quick starting points:

How can I help our family balance screen time?

Why do we need healthy screen time boundaries?

At what age is my child ready for a cell phone? How will I know when my child is ready?

We recommend waiting until your child is a teen before they earn the privilege of using their own device. We recommend using a simplified family device first. Learn more here:

My teen has successfully followed through with his or her self-evaluation and is old enough to start using a cell phone. Where do I start?

I feel like technology is taking center stage in our home. How can we be in the driver’s seat and not allow our devices to take over?

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Please reach out to us if you’re not finding the answers you need. Our mission is to help you worry less and connect more with what really matters—your kids!