Screen Time Research

Here you will find the very best books on the topic of screen time and technology. I’ve read every book I recommend!

If you want an in-depth look at all kinds of addictions and a better understanding of the tactics used to get us attached to our screens read:

Irresistible by Adam Alter

This is one of my favorite books on the topic of addiction. Easy to read and straightforward. Check out my thoughts on this book right here.

If you are Christian and you want to figure out how to put technology in its proper place in your own family, read:

The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch

If you are already feeling fearful, but you want to feel hopeful and learn practical ideas, this is your book! Andy Crouch did an outstanding job. We used many of the ideas in this book to create our own family technology plan.

If you are interested in creating a life focused on the things that really matter to you and minimize your relationship with technology, you will love Cal Newport’s book:

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

This one is brand new! I’ve been highlighting and marking up our advance copy and will be sharing our review when it comes out in early February 2019.

If you’re interested in learning from an addiction expert and want to hear lots of real-life stories about how tech can become addicting, read:

Glow Kids by Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D.

In Glow Kids, Kardaras shares detailed research that will motivate many parents to come up with some preventative strategies for their family. We can’t eliminate all of the potential risks, but we can drastically reduce risk when armed with knowledge and a plan. Click here to read my key takeaways from Glow Kids.

If you feel like you or someone in your family might be on the verge of addiction or has a screen addiction you will be so grateful for Dr. Victoria Dunckley’s research and ideas in:

Reset Your Child’s Brain by Victoria L. Dunckley, MD

I’ve heard of many parents implementing her plan with great success. The key is to take a long break or sabbatical from electronic screens. She explains how to do just that.

If you’d like a more unbiased approach on the subject of screen time so you can use that data to make your own decision on what it means for your family then read:

The Art of Screen Time by Anya Kamenetz

I found Anya from her many insightful NPR articles related to screen time. The overall message of her book is a riff on Michael Pollan’s “food rules”: Enjoy screens. Not too much. Mostly with others. I think these are great rules to live by.

Stay tuned! More to come…